Breast Enhancement Contestants

Miranda Morgan

Hello, my name is Miranda Lee and I am 25 years old. I am a student and an aspiring model.
I am very flat chested, and it makes me feel uncomfortable and unattractive. It is very hard to want to wear anything that I cannot wear a bra with. I have wanted to get this procedure done for a very long time, but I struggle with money and I have been trying to just make peace with the body I have. However, I want to be able to get booked for bikini and corset shoots and who wants to shoot a girl with no breasts in lingere? I want to feel like an attractive woman. I want to be confidant with my body. I do not want to be jealous of other women anymore. Please help me be all that I can be, inside and out.

Marlette Yarithza Hernandez

I have always had a problem with self-image. Sometimes I do not even feel like a woman! I am an aspiring makeup artist and only recently have I started modeling at the request of several of the photographers that I have done makeup for in the past.
I believe that breast enhancement could literally change my life! I yearn for the day I don’t have to cover myself up or hide my boyish body. I believe that the confidence breast enhancement could bring would not only help me become a woman… it would boost my career by opening many, many doors of opportunity.
I would love to proudly show the world the amazing life-changing effects that ESTETICA can bring to women.
Marlette Yarithza Hernandez

Ashley Blaze

My name is Ashley Blaze. I’ve always been told I have the perfect body and girl’s would give anything to trade me but I’ve never been completely happy or satisfied with myself. I’ve always answered the “if u could change one thing about yourself what would it be?” question with I want larger breasts. I workout and do what I can to stay in shape, but it seems like my breasts get smaller the more I workout. I want to be able to wear a normal bra and not have to worry about additional padding to make them look a decent size…


Hello my name is Libby Kennedy and I have been wanting and needing to get my boobs done for quite some time now but like everything every time I try to get them done something financially comes up and being a single mom on top of that doesn’t help much . I have always been very happy with my body but once I had my girls I have been very insecure about my boobs and just certain things don’t look good on you anymore or look right either. This would be such a great opportunity for me to finally get the body I have soooo been wanting… Help me make that happen and vote for me!!! I want those boobies :)